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Some useful links


Sarah Willis - Horn Hangouts - http://sarah-willis.com/

Paxman's - THE Horn Centre - http://www.paxman.co.uk/

The British Horn Society - http://www.british-horn.org/

The BHS Library Page - http://www.british-horn.com/?q=bhs-library-list

International Horn Society - http://www.hornsociety.org

John Ericson and Bruce Hembd's hugely varied site - http://hornmatters.com

Horn blog by Julia Rose - http://juliashornpage.com

Horn blog by Bruce Richard - http://living-the-dream.posterous.com/

Technical issues by Jeffrey Agrell (IHS) - http://horninsights.com

Thoughts on Chicago Brass School by Roger Rocco - http://rogerrocco.com

Other brass topics by James Boldin - http://hornworld.wordpress.com

Michael Thompson's website - www.michaelthompson.uk.com

Hornplayer.net - www.hornplayer.net

Horn Articles Online - http://www.public.asu.edu/~jqerics/articles_online.htm

The Vienna Horns - www.viennahorns.com

The Netherlands Horn Society - http://www.hoornistengenootschap.nl

The Finnish Horn Club - http://www.hornclub.fi/EN/HomePage

Prof. Hans Pizka's Horn Pages - http://www.pizka.de

Thomas Bacon's Horn Planet - http://www.hornplanet.com

The Wilhelm Lanzky-Otto Horn Page - http://hem2.passagen.se/lanzky

Horn Excerpts - http://www.hornexcerpts.org/

PHC Horn Mouthpieces - www.horncups.com

Alexander Horns - www.musik-alexander.de

Brass Musician online magazine - http://brassmusician.com/

Edition db - music publishers with a 'Horn Club series' - www.editiondb.com

June Emerson Wind Music (and Emerson Edition) - http://www.Juneemerson.co.uk/

Scottish Vienna Horns - all you ever wanted to know about the Vienna Horn - http://www.svh.org.uk/

Tony Halstead's website - www.halsteadmusic.co.uk

Swedish Horn Society website - http://www.svenskahorn.se

www.hoorn.be - fantastic site (in Dutch!) with lots of great links to CDs, musical terms, pictures, etc.

www.hornworks.co.uk - Barbara MacLaren's page re Guild Horns of Preston

www.leedsmusicteachersguild.co.uk/ - Leeds Music Teachers Guild for the pick of instrumental and voice tuition in Yorkshire


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