Welcome to the Northern Horn Club

formerly the Opera North Horn Club

The club was formed in 1997 by Bob Ashworth, principal horn of the Orchestra of Opera North based in Leeds, and his horn section colleagues of the time (Dougie Scarfe, Maggie Houlding & Paul Kampen) to enable horn players of all ages and abilities to assemble on a regular basis to play in large ensembles. The opportunity to play in groups of up to 16 players would otherwise be extremely rare! Members come from all walks of life, both amateur and professional sides of music, and have ranged in age from 9 to over 75. On average meetings take place every two months.

Horn players of any ability may come along to meetings for a small fee of £5.00 - there is nolonger a membership fee as such.


2pm- 5pm on Sunday 18 February 2024

at The Civic, 13 New Street, Slaithwaite, HD7 5AB

led by Bob Ashworth

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You can also keep in touch, access our extensive library, or get further information from: northernhornclub@gmail.com